[Feature Request] Label color in interface if the film is in 3D
Would it be possible for the interface to be customized to look in a different color if the version is in 3D?
There are many movies that are in 3D version and treats them as duplicates so it is interesting to see it in different color and it is easier to differentiate that is not really duplicated.
Thanks in advance.
I think this would also expand out to apply to different versions like extended, unrated, etc and also to different resolutions such as 1080 and 720. I am not saying that any of them are more important than the other, but I am not sure 3D stands out alone in the mix of possible duplicates by base title. I think that anyone storing different versions will experience the same.
nice idea, noted.
Let's see, how we could integrate such feature in v3...
(but probably not at first glance, maybe a bit later)
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It's actually a nightmare to differentiate one from the other, so I have a TMM for movies and another for 3D movies, but it's not practical.
Since it is detected 3D it is possible to add an exception so that it is not duplicates.
Then my MKV are renamed to MKV3D from mkvtoolnix with good 3D info (TB, SBS etc.). Which is otherwise recommended for 3D files.
It can also be manually renamed from .MKV to .MKV3D, which is no problem for Kodi and other reading software, on the contrary!
The .MKV3D extension may be a useful solution to differentiate movies and add an exception under TMM!
Recognize the 3D file, avoid duplicates etc.


I manually add (3D) with TMM at the end of the movie names.
More easily differentiated when we do a search and we only have the name of the film:
Search '' Harry Potter '' found a Harry Potter and a Harry Potter.
While me: Search '' Harry Potter '' found a Harry Potter and a Harry Potter (3D).
Or list of movies:
- Harry Potter
- Harry Potter (3D)
If TMM could add it to the names of 3D movies ?

For example…
well, would a separate column for edition, video format (already existing) and 3d help in v3?
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Love the new V3 features, would it be possible to add colums to sort by bitrate, Audio Codec, etc... also, I notice the graphics for 4K, Ultra HD... etc are not in V3, these were nice for quick glancing of which copy was better quality
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[Feature Request] Label color in interface if the film is in 3D00