How I solved Failed to install from .zip message
This forum has been incredibly helpful to me whenever I have had trouble with things related to Kodi, so when I finally found a solution that I had not seen published before (and granted, I might have missed it if it was indeed already published), I felt I should create an account and share.  If this information belongs somewhere other than where I have placed it, by all means please relocate it with my thanks.

So, I recently experienced the issue that I was attempting to follow instructions that started off with adding a new source through the file manager, and then doing the "Install from zip file" from the Add-Ons menu, then pointing to the newly added source, and selecting the file referenced in the instructions... but then a few moments into that (like maybe 10-30 seconds), I would get the message that Kodi "Failed to install from .ZIP" or something along those lines.

Now, a smart responsible person would have checked the logs to see "What's up?" but I am not always that person and this was one of those occasions.  Instead, I had the idea that I would take that original source the instructions had me add, and put that right into a web browser.  Sure enough, the browser pulled up a page that looked a lot like what you'd expect from a FTP server, and there was the file that had failed to install, right there in my browser.

So I figured, "Why don't I just download the file right here, and then tell Kodi to look for it wherever I save it to?" and in theory that should have worked (and it did work), but what I noticed, is that it took FOREVER to download.  Maybe the server where the file was kept was busy? Maybe my internet connection sucked? I dunno.  Either way, though, because it took like... 10 minutes to download (and it wasn't a big file), I then guessed that the reason for the failure with Kodi attempting the install, was the super-slow download speed.

In fact, the speed was so slow, I ended up using a download accelerator to speed up the download.

So, there, hopefully I've helped by giving back to the community that has been so helpful to me.

TLDR: try downloading the file in a browser and point Kodi to the locally saved copy, if trying to install from the source URL fails.

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How I solved Failed to install from .zip message0
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