Selected condition for radiobutton
Hi people,

I currently have two lists (the first one being a list of all main menu items, and the second being a list of settings for the specific menu item). I have a radiobutton, that determines whether or not the currently selected item should be disabled from the main menu. So basically i have one radio button, for displaying a property for all main menu items.

I cant get any $INFO's or $VAR's working inside a <selected> tag, so my first question is whether or not it is possible to have a variable <selected> tag (in this case it would be dependent on which item was in focus in the list of main menu items, as well as a Skin.HasSetting bool)?

The second is, if it is not possible, would it be better to make one radio button with a very long and complex <selected> tag - Like the following:

<selected>[Container(1).HasFocus(10) + Skin.HasSetting(Hide10)] | [Container(1).HasFocus(11) + Skin.HasSetting(Hide11)].........(for every main menu item) </selected

Or would it be better to have one radiobutton for every menu item, and just set visibility conditions for every one of them?

nope, it's not possible to use $VAR's there.
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