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1080P plays will in Windows, not as well in XBMC
Hey everyone-

I love XMBC and have used it for years on my xbox. Now I'm excited to ditch Windows (via BootCamp) on my Mac Mini.

The problem is 1080p plays back much better in Windows (via the CoreAVC codec) than in XBMC on Leopard. In Mac XMBC, I see dropped frames etc. I have a 1080P camcorder that I use to create h.264 and mpeg2 files for testing.

I have an older Mac Mini CD 1.83 with 2gb of RAM; I know this part of the problem, however, if CoreAVC can play (almost) everything I throw at it, why can't ffmpeg/XMBC?

I've heard that CoreAVC "cheats" but I dunno, seems to look great to me and the playback is smooth.

Any thoughts?
Performance of ffmpeg should be pretty good with the "cabac" patch. I tried disabling the deblocking filter but didn't see hardly any difference. Maybe eventually we'll support loading Windows DLLs and then be able to use the codec on OS X.

Implementing a decode buffer would probably also improve the situation.

Thank elan. I'll send you some more beer (via PayPal) as things progress!

This "cabac" patch you refer to, is it currently in the latest build of XBMC or something I have to install separately?
its pre installed/compiled
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1080P plays will in Windows, not as well in XBMC00