Vbox PVR Gateway/AFTV/Kodi 17.6 - issues!
Hi all - have been playing about with the below setup over the last few weeks and just can't seem to get it all working...


Vbox XTi-3442 3rd Gen DVB-T2 on software version VJ2.58 (courtesy of vbox support)
1x 2tb USB drive, connected directly to vbox
1x AFVT (2nd gen) wired 1gb network
1x AFTV stick (2nd gen) - have tested with 2 wireless routers on both 2.4 & 5.0 ghz bands
Both running Kodi Krypton 17.6 - no issues prior to running Vbox PVR gateway


1) collecting epg data from vbox i.e. seems slow to download at startup, sometimes missing program data on various channels
2) when re-scanning channels don't always get a full list i.e. channels missing
3) sometimes when selecting channel, kodi crashes and reverts to amazon screen
4) doesn't seem to like running both AFTVs at the same time i.e. signal becomes laggy, unwatchable
5) have received 'low on storage space' warnings on both AFTVs - when viewing app settings, Kodi is using almost 5gb of memory - after deleting data (from amazon app manager, as unable to access settings within Kodi [just presented with blank screen], reverts to 140mb memory usage - then have to reinstall kodi apps

I am aware that some of these may well be Vbox issues (I will post this on the Vbox support forum too), but have found the AFTV vbox app unusable, so Kodi is my only (and preferred) choice...

I need to check the location of the timeshift file - I had assumed that this was allocated by the vbox, but may be wrong - I suspect it may be trying to dump on the AFTV, which is causing issue 5 perhaps? Also, would both devices be trying to use the same file - and is this OK?

As it stands, this really isn't a usable configuration - especially when it keeps on crashing whilst I am trying to convince/train the wife! I've forked out for a box that doesn't really do the job, I feel...

Has anyone else had experience with these issues and have any suggestions? Any thoughts/input appreciated!

Thanks in advance - if anyone needs any further info (support?) please let me know.

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