Raspberry Pi alternative, to run TVHeadend.
Thanks for that, fredfred.

Unfortunately, this is a basic unmanaged switch - i.e. no settings that can be changed at all and it does not even have a web-interface.

That is what is so frustraing.  It should simply work with any network device connected to it.
(2018-02-07, 12:11)mosmos Wrote: Have you tried the custom firmware sat>ip axe?
 No, I have only been using the stock firmware to date.

Do you think it is worth a try?

The device should connect, regardless of the firmware, but I am running out of options and willing to try anything at the moment.
(2018-01-24, 22:33)tjay260476 Wrote: I did, but my email server side of things runs hmailserver which I prefer over dovecot etc. (still Free and Open Source though!), not only that, over 3TB of media to shift over from NTFS to EXT4 is not my idea of fun!

Also with the Hyper-V and virtual machines i can have Ubuntu just running TVH so it's the only program running on that VM and nothing else, hence why I have half jokingly said that running the Pi with Libreelec running TVH/Kodi was bloated! It means I have a Raspberry Pi to play with, at present it is to test v18 before I deploy it to my two Pi's running Libreelec.

In fairness, if you have a Windows 10 machine and your CPU/RAM can do virtualisation/have enough RAM for VM's (only need 2GB for Ubuntu), then I'd say rather than spend out on hardware even a Raspberry Pi in this instance, then do that.

At present my Server has 8GB RAM, 2GB for TVH, 2GB for my Windows Workstation, the other 4GB is for the Server itself just to give an indication on how much you may need.
 I wondered if you had thought about killing Kodi - maybe shortly after booting to save the 'bloat'?  Smile
It did seem to make a difference to a R-Pi 2 I had as a server from a Digibit R1.
Just seen this post! Err no, I didn’t, although I wanted to use the pi hardware for something else! As I’m fine with the Linux terminal it made better sense to build from the floor up.
Server: Ubuntu Server 22TB HDD running SAMBA
Kodi: 4 Raspberry Pi 3 running Libreelec -  on the main PC - running Linux Mint
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Raspberry Pi alternative, to run TVHeadend.0
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