Kodi 17.6 -Android/Kodi gui shows 720p, can we play 1080p content at true resolution?
Hello everyone, it is a beautiful forum and beautiful application. Thanks for both of them.
I would like to join to the community with a question. I tried to earch my question in forum but after reading so much info, i mixed everything up. I hope, i will get a simple answer for that. I am sorry if i am taking your time.

Ok, i bought a RK3328 chipset box with a great deal a few days ago. It has 2gb ram, 16gb rom, BT, USB 3.0 and dual band wifi (5ghz) support and more etc. but found out later that it is not a very recommended chip for Kodi Sad anyway it is too late send it back..

My TV is true 1080p, but TV Box is native 720p (with cpu-z app, shows 1280 x 720p) but also in the android display settings, i can set the output as 1080p 60hz (i think it is TVs main resolution connected to the box)
And in video settings in Kodi, i am seeing 1280x720p as resolution and grayed out and cannot be changed(locked) Also shows system resolution (tv box) as 720p.

My question is;
If i play a 1080p stream/content in Kodi, will it play exactly as true 1080p? or will descale to the system and Kodi gui resolution to 720p?
When i try and play a 1080p movie and check the stream video settings, shows the source as 1080P but still not sure if the final resolution i am having is descaled or not. 

Thank you all , in advance.
I will be very happy if somebody answers to me.
I took this photo below while i was playing a 1080p stream. I also pressed "info" button on my tv remote and it shows 1080p 60hz on the top-right bottom.

Noone knows?
The settings you are looking at are the video settings while a movie plays. There is also a system setting. See: settings->System->Display->Resolution

If that is greyed out as well, please take a look at the OS settings if you are able to set it to 1920*1080. You could also send a screenshot of that setting-area if you need help.
Thank you a lot for the response.

Here are the photos i took. Sorry i am not very good yet with this screenshot thing.

This is the OS(android) display setting below


And this is from Cpu-z, you can see android gui-display resolution and at the same time TV resolution i have


And these are below from Kodi inside



As you can see from cpu-z, original android OS display resolution is 720p, i think it is done like that to give a faster and lagness menu scrolling experience...

Also you can see, you can set OS display as 1080p 60hz as TV supports it. In Kodi, you can see the OS system display resolution is 720p and Kodi gui display is 720p and greyed out and cannot be changed. Hope these help my friend.

Best regards
Cpu-z and Kodi are presumably reading the same information, maybe it's upscaled or something.

A quick google search and this seems to be the case --> http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-supp...cast/page3

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Kodi 17.6 -Android/Kodi gui shows 720p, can we play 1080p content at true resolution?0
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