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Release Amazon Echo Alexa Video Skill for Kodi
Hi I'd like to beta test but for some strange reason I cannot send you a PM.  My email is [email protected] I've registered for an account on Kodi Connect already.
Ok that with the beta test I've got now. My kodi will also be found, but I can not connect the kodi instance to an alexa. Every time I want to link it does not pass. If I go to linked devices then nothing is displayed. Is there any trick there? I have already done several reboots.
hi iv done most of the install and got kodi connect config done could you add my email so i can Beta test 

[email protected] im in the uk from the videos ive seencant wait to  try thanks stan
(2018-12-20, 15:33)Lif3styl308 Wrote: Hi,

I‘ve Registers at Alexa still Beta Site and geht my secret die kodi.
I‘ve also Setup die Plugin and it Shows kodi connected. I‘ve Asses The skill kodi to my Alexa Account and Added my kodi installation.

I was able to link my Kodi Installation with my Alexa App, but After Linking The created link is Not shown.

A few Pages ahed i‘Ve read This is an Alexa bug and everything Should work Fine.

But wehen i say Alexa Play a specific Movie it answers there is no Video Skills connected.

Currently this installiert Skin is Named kodi isbthere a specific kodi Video Skills ?
 Wondering if you were able to fix this problem, im experiencing the same issue. When linking my Echo Dot it seems to not save the link. The app finds my kodi and i have entered the correct information in Kodi Connect but link does save in the Alexa App.
Currently facing the issue that Kodi Connect Addon tries to connect to the Kodi Connect server but it always switches between connecting and disconnecting.
This worked after creating a new secret token + restarting kodi.
but Alexa Echo Dot doesnt find the Kodi instance.
Hi mate,

I would like to beta test this skill. Would you mind adding my email, [email protected] so I can test it out.

Hi, ive just tried getting the alexa skill to work but every time i try to enable the skill and click allow i get "We were unable to link Kodi at this time", any idea on how to resolve this ?

I just got everything setup and after I restarted KODI the Kodi connection addon pops up a connected message and then almost immediately shows a disconnected message. It cycles through that process about every 30 seconds or so. The Alexa skill cannot find the device.

I must have made a mistake in the secret. I re-entered it and now it stays connected and Alexa found the device. However, it does not perform any functions. I tried Alexa pause and stop and it said it could not find it. I think the problem may be that I am using a new FireTV cube which has the same commands to control the apps on FireTV so when I say Alexa Pause how does if know if I want to pause KODI or FireTV?

Second update. I was able to get some commands to work by adding KODI to the end of the command, i.e., "Alexa Stop KODI". The one issue I see now is that my FireTV cube is configured to control the volume through my AV receiver but now when I say Increase the Volume it increases the KODI volume instead. I need that command to be disabled in KODI so that it always goes to my AV receiver.
I also have problems with connecting Alexa with Kodi. When i start kodi i get a message saying that its connect with the kodi connect server. Then i let Alexa discover devices and she finds Kodi but i can not link these?
I have tried several things but i can not get them to link. Is there maybe another bug or problem?
I'll just post the summaries here again (seriously I need to write down some FAQ section)

1. "Nothing found" notification
  - Kodi connect addon only works with Kodi's Video Library, because it uses all the information about collections, genres, actors, characters, episodes, watched/unwatched. So if you get "Nothing found" it means that it didn't find it there.
  - If you are using some 3rd party addons, you need to find a tutorial on how to ingest that content into Kodi's Video Library (some users use it like that)
  - As for naming of the content, it doesn't have to be 1:1, because Kodi connect addons reads all of the data from the Video Library, creates multiple indexes, and uses string similarity to match results, and picks the best one
    - E.g. "Maniac" will match to "Maniac (2018)", or "The Matrix" will match to "Matrix", etc.
    - For anyone more interested, it uses this N-gram implementation https://pythonhosted.org/ngram/
    - That's also the reason why it can search in between tens of thousands of actors in few milliseconds on low-end devices like Raspberry

2. "No linked devices" in Alexa app
  - No idea why this started to pop up. I have the same issue in my Alexa app
  - But everything works as expected. This is just a matter of displaying it, but unfortunately I can't do anything about it.
  - But for some reason, the device does show up in "Smart Home" -> "Devices" menu

3. Beta test
  - I no longer add people manually into the Beta tests (because it was time consuming, and I wasn't checking all the emails, PMs, and posts every day)
  - This way you can do it yourself, and it takes 10 seconds, instead of sometimes waiting for multiple days

4. Connected/Disconnected
  - Definitely an incorrect Email/Secret in Kodi connect addon, or if you use the same secret on multiple devices (you can generate as many as you want)
  - Easiest and fastest way how to fix this is just to generate a new one
  - Note for me: Since it's using websockets through HTTP upgrade connection, I need to find a clever and smart solution on how to report this back to the addon.

5. Black screen when enabling skill and/or discovering devices
  - This has proven to be an issue with Content country settings in the Amazon account (not Alexa settings)
  - Amazon only allows these countries: US/UK/DE
    - Now I also don't live in any of those countries, so I had to put in fake address, but I can still order and ship stuff from Amazon etc

6. Language support
  - As mentioned above, this is a restriction by Amazon, and I have no say in it

7. Fire (TV) devices
  - This is again Amazon favoring their own devices.
  - Some users reported, that disabling voice control for Fire TV made it work with the Kodi (if that is something that wouldn't bother you)

8. Stop playback
  - "Alexa stop" pauses instead (Amazon issue)
  - BUT, "Alexa stop <device_name>", e.g. "Alexa stop bedroom kodi" works, and does actually stop the playback

Also please, when reporting that something is not working for you, don't just say that "<Something> is not working for me". Even though I'm still replying to everyone (because I'm of my good nature), it is frustrating to reply to everyone the same request, to provide more info. Because in 98% it ends up being one of the issues mentioned above.

Last but not least. Many Thanks to anyone here that helps the newcomers, so that I don't have to reply to literary everyone here 👍
Hello, i'd like test your Beta.
Please add my e.mail
[email protected]
@bullen-paule Dude he literally just said he's not adding people anymore.  You can do it yourself super easily, instructions are here: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2797557

@tkislan I'm still having the "Getting <show> from provider... Sorry, provider is having trouble."  But sometimes it'll ask 'did you want to use Kodi or provider to do this?' and if I say 'Kodi' then everything works great for a while.  Is there any way for me to delete 'provider' whatever that is?
@russco I think those might be leftovers of the old skill, that I had to rename "Kodi" -> "Unofficial Kodi" .. at least that's when these issues started to pop out.
I'll be deleting that skill, as the Beta test is ending today anyway
@tkislan Went through all the steps of registering generating a secret , but the add on will not connect , when I first install it the add on and enable it , it throws an error , Kodi connect error:please check the log for information, I figured this is cause it needed my email and secret key so I entered them , still no joy it just shows a red circle and takes me to a blank browseing screen , tried several different keys , restarting etc no joy , add on is not connecting and is thus undiscoverable to the alexa skill . I have been at this 3 days please help , I tried log viewer for kodi and all I see no connection logs

Ps you said in your last post you are ending the beta test , does this mean I am out of luck
@tkislan Awesome, can you post here when you delete it?

Thanks again for all your work.
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