No playlist queue showing when playback stopped
Kore doesn't display the playlist queue when playback is stopped. The Playlist panel (the third Remote panel) simply says "Nothing playing". The playlist still exists in Kodi - you can see it in the Kodi application and on the iOS remote, but Kore refuses to show it. There doesn't appear to be a way to display the playlist when not currently playing. Yes, I could press pause (potentially for days) but that's an ugly workaround for a non-intuitive interface choice. Why not simply display the playlist in Kodi whether playback is active or not?
See which I believe also covers your issue
Pretty much this, yeah. The iOS app has buttons adjacent to the playlist pane to select either music or video playlists, and it remembers which playlist you selected last. Why can't Kore do the same?
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No playlist queue showing when playback stopped00