How to separate Movies in the library
the brake down on how to create a new page
the code needs to be added  before <!---video-->
                 <control type="group" id="11000">

 <control type="group" id="22000">
     <include content="Visible_Right_Delayed">
      <param name="id" value="Blu-Ray"/>
<!---control type --> <control type="grouplist" id="22001">
!---WidgetGroupListCommon--> <include>WidgetGroupListCommon</include>

<include content="WidgetListPoster">
<param name="content_path" value="special://skin/playlists/bluray.xsp"/> // create a smart playlist (may need to move from kodi playlist to theme playlist)
<!---WidgetScrollbar --> <include content="WidgetScrollbar" condition="Skin.HasSetting(touchmode)">
      <param name="scrollbar_id" value="22010"/>

id needs to = the same number id="22000"> grouplist" id="22001"> <pagecontrol>22010</pagecontrol>any Widget that you add needs to be in the same value="22900"/>
the next page would be number id="23000"> grouplist" id="23001"> <pagecontrol>23010</pagecontrol>any Widget that you add needs to be in the same value="23900"/>
as long as each page is a new and matching number I have added 3 more pages
<onclick>ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;E:\\Blu-Ray\\&quot;,return)</onclick>  // you need a file to link to add to favourites is a easy way then get the link from favourites.xml
               <property name="menu_id">$NUMBER[22000]</property>  // needs to Match the same number 22000
       <property name="id">Blu-Ray</property>                              // need to match  <visible>String.IsEqual(Container(9000).ListItem.Property(id),Blu-Ray)</visible>

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