Add scrapped meta data next to music file

Cant find the answer easily, so maybe someone knows from the top of his head.

Is their a way to config kodi so that it will scrape a music folder and let it save all the extra scrapped info (like artist image, artist nfo, album art, album nfo etc) next to the mp3 files? If possible where/how to config in kodi.

 If not possible, any tool that would do this? (already used musicbrainz for tagging and cover art, but this tool doesn't do any additional scrapping of art work etc.)

The music library uses the recommended structure of: Artist > Album > mp3's

Well scrape artist and album additional info and artwork, you can do that from the context menu "Query info for all" from the artists and albums node respectlvely (if you have not already got the art).

Then use the music library export facility, even the v17 version will do this for you, found under settings>media>library but scroll down the screen to see the music export. When prompted choose individual files and say yes to art.

Now there are some warnings to go with it:
The art will be at the resolution used by Kodi, not the original source if it was higher.
Unless all the music files by an artist and only that artist are under one folder the artist art may be miss-placed.
This will also create artist.nfo and album.nfo files mixed in with your music files, and these will be used in preference by the scraper should you re-add this music to Kodi. If you want different info (say from TADB rather than allmusic) then you would need to remove these files.

There is improved functionality in this area for v18 e.g. abiity to export just art, or to a location not mixed with music files, and the unique artist folder issues are solved.
Thanks @DaveBlake. Sorry for the confusion.

I am not 100% sure what you are referring to. Please give me a walk through, as if I am currently ready to connect the NAS drive folder with with music for the first time and like to scrape it. (I have already enabled the extra info scrapers for artist and album in add-ons.)

With this initial scrape, I would like to have Kodi add all art nfo etc in the NAS drive folder and use it from there.

Or, would you recommend a different tool for doing the initial scraping?
Quote:With this initial scrape, I would like to have Kodi add all art nfo etc in the NAS drive folder and use it from there.
That is not how the scraper works.

Quote:Or, would you recommend a different tool for doing the initial scraping?
The default Universal Artist and Album scarpers work well, I recommend them Smile

What you want to do takes 2 separate steps: 1) scrape the art you want (so that Kodi has the urls etc. in the library, and images in cache) using Universal scrapers. 2) Export what has been scraped into individual files.

BTW you do not need to scrape art when adding the music source, in fact with v17 you will get more accurate results by doing it as a separate action after all the music files have been scanned, and all the artists and albums added to the library. It can be done from the context menu as I suggested.

Kodi does not need 2) but you want to acheive separate art files. Export is a simpel way to do it.

Someone may come along and tell you to install a media manager, but that really isn't necessary. But can you explain why you want to have separate art files? Maybe there is something else or more to ask/explain.

Finally sorry but I am not the best guy for step-bystep instructions, my head is deeply burried in v18 development, I would get it wrong. I hope that another user or team member with that knowledge comes along soon.
Thanks for helping out!

The reason why I like to scrape and have the files stored next to the music, so that all is nicely packed together and I can point different media browsers to the same location without having to import 16k related images and meta data for each initial sync. Will also save internet bandwidth. :-)

That is why I also suggested a different content manager to use if kodi would not be able to store items next to the music file. :-)
All good reasons for local art, I was just checking I was not missing something in your question. You would be amazed how many users fail to ask what they actaully want to know Smile

Scraping fetches the urls of possible art, and will take use the first by default if the item does not already have art. This then gets downloaded and saved into cache when it is first viewed. Kodi will also scrape local art, if you already have images you want to use.

Exporting a music library can then create local image files, as I said, see here for using this.

There are addons like Artwork beef, cdArt and the Skin Helper Service (used by some skins) that will fetch additional art too. I believe they immediately download and store this art original on your drive, but you will need to read up about them elsewhere on the forum.
Thanks for the extra information. And yes, you are right about asking one think and meaning the other. :-)
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