Rii Mini i25A Keymap
Hello, anyone out there got a decent keymap for this remote? Just wanting to check as I think its pretty commonly used if someone has a pre done keymap save me spending time reinventing the wheel entirely. Unlike my previous MX3 Pro which worked quite well by default with Kodi the Rii keymap doesn't work that well straight out of the box.

Thinking things like
  • The back button actually globally goes back!
  • The Three horizontal line button shows info of items and during playback of live TV etc shows info
  • Search button does global search
  • Home button goes to home screen
  • Long press of the Play/Pause does a Stop of active playing item
  • Pg Up / Pg Dwn switches channels in PVR
  • Skip Fwd/Back buttons actually skip forward or back and Long press does fast foward etc
  • Disable Air Mouse enable button during Kodi use

Even if someone has the basic functionality down then I can further tweak if necessary
I use this remote and have it mapped as follows:

Back button works as a real back button.
Lower left power button is stop.
3 lines is context menu, toggles subtitles while video is playing.
Magnifying glass is global search.
Home button is my full screen toggle.

You can't disable the airmouse toggle (it's built in to the remote), but you can disable the mouse in kodi so when you accidentally turn the airmouse on, it doesn't do anything.

I will upload my keymap when I get home tomorrow. It works well for me.
I've been searching high & low for a fix to this problem, and I found a solution. Since this was a thread that kept coming up in my Google searches, I wanted to post the fix here for others that are facing the same problem.

You need to get a program called X-Mouse Button Control, which is free and can be found at http://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/XMous...ontrol.htm .  It will allow you to remap mouse buttons for specific applications.

Hope that helps someone!

PS- considering how this converts the Rii i25 from a pretty paperweight to a usable remote, consider donating to the author..... at least buy him a beer!
There is an add on called keymap editor. Pretty handy, look into that
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