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Hello, I found another thread related to another tool about this subject, I recently wrote an article about music videos in kodi, so i think i'm mastering it a little more.

My request is simple: add music video support, not music, just music video.

This is far more easy that it appears : detection in the kodi special section is made from the videos by detecting the <musicvideo> tag instead of the <movie> tag (that is moving the video in the movie section the exact same way)

And what is a musicvideo NFO well it's just a movie NFO ! nothing more, well it's not true: you can add optional <artist> and <album> infos.

I am not thinking about real music videos, but commercial concerts on physical support, they are actually quite good detected as movies, and i'm just bored to see them there.

Scrobblers like IMVDB and TheAudioDB are just awful and very limited, I dont need special section about it, but maybe just an option to turn on musicvideo option for the NFO, allowing at least an easier manual edition also I noticed concerts got the <genre>MUSIC when scrobbling, maybe a small notification to turn on automatically to musicvideo instead of movie ?

for classic musicvideos i dont really care since they work pretty well in kodi. But a tool to grab them directy from youtube/vimeo and especially IMVDB that is basically a database of youtube music videos, directly into a NFO+MP4 would be awesome
well, the handling of music videos is not the same as for movies;
If the renamer is configured for movies, this would destory all vour musicvideo structure and make this unreadable by Kodi. You won't like that, and we neither Smile
So we must handle this with an own "section"...

This _could_ be done in v3, but has currently no priority, sorry.
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