Why is it so hard to add "Remove" function in music library?
No offense taken, but it does niggle when you are busy giving freely of your time trying to improve Kodi to have a user (in their 12th forum post) ask why such-and-such isn't done yet. Kodi has hundreds of thousands of users, and merely a handful of active developers, we get stressed!

Resources are not only limited,  they can not be directed on demand either. Work is peer reviewed for both design and quality of implementation, but no team member can command another person to work on any given tasks.  How devs choose what they work on is up to them. Kodi is a large and long standing project so there is a significant learning curve involved in understanding the current design before useful contributions can be made. It makes sense that most contributors start with some area or issue that interests them personally, and then once knowledge grows get pulled into other bugs and features from there.

Your thread title assumes that a feature you want has not been added because it is hard. In reality it has not been added because no one with the skills has been interested in adding it or had the time to do so, or because it does not make sense in the context of how Kodi is designed.  Frankly programming languages are irrelevant.

Adding a remove function for individual library items (songs, albums or artists) does not fit with the rest of the design, which is based on adding music sources (folders on hard drives where music can be found) and then automatically building and manitaining a library based on the music files found in those sources. Want to remove some music from the library, physically remove it from the source, don't tinker with library entries.

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RE: Why is it so hard to add "Remove" function in music library? - by DaveBlake - 2018-02-05, 18:51

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Why is it so hard to add "Remove" function in music library?0
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