Where to put custom nfo files
Hi everybody !

I am new to Kodi, new to libreElec, new to wetek hub, new to linux too... So pease forgive my question if it is stupid.
I searched for hours, even for days, and I found no accurate answers to my simple question...

First here is my situation :
I bought a wetek hub, and decided to install libreElec as dual boot for Kodi. So if the information is required, I am with Kodi v17.6 (Krypton) on libreElec, running on a wetek hub.

I started to create a library based on my solid movie collection
- added a SMB source to my synology where my movie collection is
- defined it as movie, and "The Movie Database" as information provider

Now most of my movies were found and well indexed after a scan
Some of them needed to be corrected : I went to the movie informations / refresh / Locally informations found... refresh from internet (i answer no) / then I select the right title with the right date

BUT For some of them I would like to create a custom nfo file, or modify the locally existing one... So I was thinking there was a simple folder somewhere where I could find every nfo file created by the scraper, and modify or replace them...
But it seems I missed something...

My problem is here. As stupid as it can be, I couldn't find where is or where to put the custom nfo file for a movie so that I can import my custom information in the database and display it in the movie details...

Say I have created a farinelli.nfo file on my PC. I created it with a tool : Ember Media Manager

Every toturial I found on the internet says "create a local nfo file", but nobody says where to save it !!
I found no place to save it so that Kodi considers it as a new local custom information file for a particular movie.

(1) - Sould I save it in the directory where my movie is ? : farinelli.avi and farinelli.nfo inside the same directory on my synology ?
(2) - Sould I save it somewhere in the shared network folders of my wetek hub ? : \\<my_wetek_hub_ip_address>\<share_name> ? But where exactly ?
    My wetek hub exposes the following shares : Backup, ConfigFiles, Downloads, Emulators, LogFiles, Music, Picons, Pictures, Recordings, Screenshots, TV Shows, Update, Userdata, Videos.
    All these shares are empty, except ConfigFiles, LogFiles, Picons, and Userdata
(3) - Sould I save it somewhere in the internal flash drive of the wetek hub ? If yes, inside which folder and how can I access it ??
(4) - Sould I save it somewhere in the SD card where libreElec is installed ? If yes, inside which folder and how can I access it without remonving the SD from the wetek hub each time I want to read/write on it ?
(5) - Sould I save it somewhere inside the deep and obscure linux file system (for a guy like me). I see a file manager in kodi's parameter screen. But where is the folder I am looking for ??

For (1) and (2) I tried to copy my farinelli.nfo file almost everywhere I could inside the smb shared folders of my wetek hub, and inside the folder where farinelli.avi is (in my synology), with no success... When I refresh the movie informations, I still get the message "locally informations found" (I had it from the beginning), but I don't see anything about my new nfo file... With or without my nfo file, the "refresh" function behaves the exactly the same.

For (3) (4) and (5) I must admit I am lost. If the answer is one of these three points, please explain exactly how to access the right directory.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me on this point...

And one last question : for custom artwork (poster and thumbnail), is it a good practice to save my images inside the shared folder \\<my_wetek_hub_ip_address>\Downloads (which I found empty) and then "Choose art", and then browse to /storage/downloads ?
Hello @gvaiss

Nice work on figuring out the scraping and refreshing options. Smile

Now to your questions.

Kodi does not create nfo files as a matter of course. The scraper does not save information to nfo files either. All information you scrape into Kodi is saved in the Kodi databases. Kodi does have the option to create nfo files for all the videos and/or music in your library. Click on the Import-Export link in my signature below for a guide how to do that.

Once you have exported your nfo files, you can easily edit them, then "Refresh" them back into the library, exactly as you described in your post when the scraper scraped the wrong titles.

If you create your own nfo files, then save them alongside the video file and it must be named exactly as the video file. Click on NFO Files, also in my signature.

Hope that helps.
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