Screensaver keeps resetting to "none"
I'm running LibreELEC (official) 8.2.2 (kernel 4.11.12) on NUC D34010WYK. I have Titan skin installed + PlexKodiConnect, which replaces all my video libraries (music is still managed by Kodi for now).

Since I first installed it, I get random resets of screensaver settings. I always set it to "Dim", but it ofteg gets reset to "None". Sometimes during startup, I also get an error message saying something along the lines of "PKC can't read guisettings.xml" (I'm sorry I don't know exact error text, usually I'm not the one turning Kodibox on; this is just info I got from my spouse). I will try to capture log file next time this happens.

Does anyone have same/similar problem? Everything else works OK, just screensaver settings don't want to stick to what I set. Anyway to make screensaver settings stick?
Never heard of that issue. A logfile and the correct error message would be helpful.


LibreELEC 8.2.3 is the latest stable version. I don't think that an update helps in that case and if everything else works fine, there's no need to update the system. It's just an information Wink
OK, as luck would have it I got the same error just now. The exact error message is:
(sorry for blurry photo, cheap Chinese phone...)

Log file is available here (I didn't see any passwords in there, so I hope its safe to paste whole log. If not, please remove link.)

After this error everything works fine, all custom settings are loaded, etc. The only thing that gets reset is screensaver settings. Also note that if screensaver is set to "none", this error has not yet been spotted. Error message only appears at startup.

Any ideas?
a reason why guisettings.xml can get corrupted is if you don't exit kodi properly.
always use the shutdown menu in kodi if you want to quit kodi.
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I use harmony remote, and the "off" button is programed to send shutdown command to Kodi (and TV and receiver), so I think I perform proper shutdown everytime. Is there a difference if Kodi is shut down while in menu vs. while playing a video? Can shutdown during playback corrupt guisettings?
Your guisettings.xml is broken. The easiest way to "fix" it is to simply delete it entirely when Kodi is not running. For the file's location, see here:

Resetting of the screensaver is a known error with PlexKodiConnect:

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