problem trying to fix incorrect genres
I have a good sized library, like 15k songs and a decent number of genres I want changed. I hand did all my ID3 tags with Tagscanner and every file is how I want it.  I figured it was due to something the online scraper was pulling up. So I set 1 album that's coming up in the wrong genre to local only for scraping. Then I refreshed, and did a clean library but it's still showing the wrong genre.  I did Google about adding music, but I'm still not sure if I'm going about this right?

Running 17.6, and I did try importing the 1 album in question and running it thru Musicbrainz, it found it and I let it do it's thing, still not coming up right. I'm assuming if I remove the source and re-add all the media it would fix it. But I'm trying to do this without having to go thru doing that.
In Krypton and before the genres you see listed in the genre node come from one of two places: a) scanned from the tags embedded in your music files; b) scraped for the album from NFO or online sources - the online ones can be very messey. Artist genre strings also get scraped but are not codified and do not appear in the genre node.

Clean library will remove unused genres, so if this isn't happening either a) there are still songs or albums with these genres or  b) you accidentlally cleaned the video library. Cleaning video lib instead can happen easily, you need to scroll down the screen to get the music library clean.

But I suspect a), and assuming that your tags are now perfect, it will be that previously scraped album genres are lurking. Setting the album to local scraping will not change the data it has already scraped.

Can you clarify, is it that you have unwanted genres showing on the genre node, or that when you look at an album it shows the wrong genre or both?
THANK YOU!  Scrolling down to the music clean fixed some of the problems, some of the others just seemed to work themselves out. Not sure why, but everything's working right now so I'm good.

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problem trying to fix incorrect genres0
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