Bug -  KODI 17/18 + Sony Android TV + HDR10 Content = Grey Bars
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. I wish I could repay you somehow. I am going to make like 3 copies of this build.
No problem, I am glad to help you.
I had the same problem on my Sony X900E, but I found out that it happens on almost all players with HDR content. Archos video, VLC, even Amazon Prime shows gray bars with HDR. That's one of the reasons I returned my TV.
Yeah, that seem to be a(nother) bug on the Sony/Philips/Mediatek devices.
There is a programmatic workaround, though, it's to have the root window (and eveything in-between) made transparent.

It's how it was on SPMC, and how it will be in MrMC 3.7
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KODI 17/18 + Sony Android TV + HDR10 Content = Grey Bars11