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Yes I have. Because I've understood this is preferred when all music is tagged with MB ... am I wrong?
OK, then I understand the issue. Thanks for the very useful feedback, I can make imporvements to v18 based on it.
Quote:Because I've understood this is preferred when all music is tagged with MB ... am I wrong?
In truth the purpose of this option has become confused over time and things have become messy. In v18 I hope to sort that out, but obviously I have more to do.

It was introduced as part of Musicbrainz integration to allow existing music libraries (with MBids) to sync with changes at the Musicbrainz database without having to re-tag the music files. I only found that out when I had a chat with the guy that did the work but has since left the project. But the implementation was not completed, and then other devs includling me, unaware of that original intention, took it to indicate that scraping from NFO or online sources should override any data that was originally taken from tags (not the same thing as synching).

I have always recommended leaving this option disabled because it had a nasty habit of replacing accurate tag data with incorrect values, even replacing one album with another. I would say to leave it disabled until I have completed implementation of the sync function.

Unfortunately having scraped your music with it enabled simply disabling it will not get back the compilation flag. This would have been correctly scanned from the tags, but has been overwritten by scraping. To get that back you will need to rescan your music files, but that is now easily done from the context menu of file view. Say yes when it asks if you want to scan files that have not changed. Remember to disable "Prefer online info" first too.
Now it works thanks Smile

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