Does Kodi transcode the movies?
(2018-02-16, 20:38)FernetMenta Wrote:
(2018-02-12, 20:55)natethomas Wrote: With that said, even if you did have the setup I described, with two instances of Kodi, Kodi still wouldn't transcode, because we haven't built Kodi to have the ability to transcode and because in most cases the version of Kodi acting as the player would have all the same powers as the version of Kodi acting as the server, so there would be no need to transcode.
This is not true anymore. Kodi's architecture is running though a transformation that finally makes transcoding on-the-fly possible by a headless server component. Still a long way to go but I wanted to stress that Kodi is (re)built with the abiltiy to transcode.. 
My guess this is a v19 deal bit sounds super interesting none the less. Smile
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Does Kodi transcode the movies?00