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Apple Trailers won't play
I loaded the newest (at the time) T3CH build with a regular old television and had no problems. Yesterday I bought an HDTV and ran the xbox HD component cables and everything looked great. However when I attempted to play movie trailers it would load them but never play them. After the loading window closed I was back to the regular AMT menu although the trailer i had selected was grayed out as if it played.

I reloaded XBMC and ran into the same problem again although this time I received a "playlist playback aborted too many consecutive failed items" error message. On occaision while loading an audio codec the entire operation will freeze up and i have to restart the xbox.

I'm not really sure where to begin? Maybe an older version of AMT?

AMT version pre-0.99.4a-2091
XBMC T3CH build SVN_2008-04-20_rev12746
Xbox V 1.0

All help is greatly appreciated

you're running out of memory.

1. try the plugin, you install it from AMT settings.
2. make sure your gui and video resolution is not 1080i. 720p should work
For python coding questions first see
I did both. Seems to be running ok now. Thank you.

Apple Trailers won't play00