Clarification: Depreciated Controls

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kzr1y2 Offline
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Hi All,

Not sure what is meant by 'Depreciated Controls'; does it mean that these controls are no longer supported or will be decomissioned? If so, which control superceeds them - i.e. "use this instead of..."


used for multiple buttons in a scrollable list

List Control
used for lists of items

Thumbnail Panel
used to show a panel of thumbnails

Recently Added Media Control
used to display the last few items added to the video database
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jmarshall Offline
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ButtonScrollers -> Use a list with static content.

ListControl/Thumbnail Panel -> Use any container control.

RAM Control -> No replacement (it was just a thumbpanel that was auto-filled, and the code for it is long gone.) The "Recently Added ..." items in the library handle it anyway.

And yes, all the above are completely unsupported and WILL be decommissioned.

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kzr1y2 Offline
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Hi Jonathan,

Appreciate the clarification; the CEOMR skin uses some of these controls.

I'm going to take the next few weeks to clean up the skin and also fix some of the behaviors. I'll ping Jezz_X once I have something that works at all resolutions as I have no means to update the SVN directly ... haven't earned my stripes yet Wink

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