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XBMC LiveUSB (formerly "LiveXBMC") V2 is out

I have released this new USB disk image of XBMC LiveUSB distro, together with an application that will hopefully help who had troubles in creating a boootable flash disk before.

SourceForge repository

The new image currently only supports NVIDIA graphics controllers out-of-the-box and has a modular design to ease updates to newer XBMC builds, (sorry but AMD/ATI graphics controllers are not yet supported).

Some info:
* Based on Ubuntu Embedded and Mobile (8.04 Hardy)
* Requires 512 MB USB flash disk
* Default user: "xbmc" - password: "password" (no quotes)
* Live R/W image, all changes are saved to the USB disk
* Supports Intel GPUs, remove/rename restrictedDrivers.img on the flash disk
* DHCP on eth0 enabled
* Nice XBMC usplash theme (courtesy of Duduke)!!!

Packages already included:
* lircd, not configured
* bluetooth libraries
* ivman included

The new toy, LiveXBMCBuilder, is used to automate the process of creating the bootable USB disk starting from the image file. Select the image file, the USB disk and everything will be prepared automatically.

As previously, don't expect support from Team-XBMC on this just yet, this is still an unofficial release!

Cheers / Luigi
I'll give this a spin later tonight and see how to plays with the AppleTV.
so if i get this right, this is a stand alone xbmc build for booting from a flash media device? if that right, then how exactly would i go about getting this to work with my graphics card? from what i hear it seems ati cards aren't linux friendly, and i happen to have the hd 2400 in the pc i am trying to use as my HTPC. any way just some questions i had, thanks for your time and for any info you guys can give me.
I'm about to try it out now (downloading...), sounds great!!!! And thank you so much for giving nVidia support big time. I don't know if it's based of the newest driver release, otherwise 9600/9800 users will be out for now. I'm using a 9600, so i'll post my results, overall.
this doesn't work on my Dell D620 (i945 gfx) even when I've manually "disabled" restricted drivers. X never inits properly
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

Mine went to a command line after about 5-6 seconds after, saying "Could not find Kernal: Linux"with "BOOT:" prompt below. I ran the program, it format my USB stick, then creates an image (after selecting the .img file), and then says 'Finished' in the box, and then stops. There ar 8 files total on the USB stick afterwards. What could have gone wrong?

AMD 4400 64bit Dual-Core Processor
X-Fi Audio
nVidia 9600 card
4Gigs of 800mhz dual-channel mem.
300gigs RAID Striped
4 Gig Corsair USB Stick (working with)

Files made by the program
davilla Wrote:I'll give this a spin later tonight and see how to plays with the AppleTV.

Extracted the 7z compacted disk image. dd to pen drive, extracted the contents and moved to an ext3 format flash drive. Boot using atv-bootloader, translate the syslinux.cfg setting to kexec params and kexec jump.

Boots fine with "video=vesafb" added. Thanks for including "vesafb" as a kernel console framebuffer.

startx brings up X11 with nvidia binary, yea. Reset Appearance to 1280x720. Bingo, now it's filling the screen.

Seems fine, could not connect to my smb servers. Or rather I could connect and see content but could not add as container.

Trying a DVD crashed down to command line which seemed to be in another language besides english. Maybe french?

prompt is "LeXBM~$

tried top and got

"dcomrd nofoun"

Davilla, I so look forward to something like this for the aTV, hopefully this can be resolved! Mine is back in house, just not hooked up yet. Sounds like TOP isn't onboard though. Curious, what format was the DVD stored in?
Openelec Gotham, MCE remote(s), Intel i3 NUC, DVDs fed from unRAID cataloged by DVD Profiler. HD-DVD encoded with Handbrake to x.264. Yamaha receiver(s)
BLKMGK Wrote:Davilla, I so look forward to something like this for the aTV, hopefully this can be resolved! Mine is back in house, just not hooked up yet. Sounds like TOP isn't onboard though. Curious, what format was the DVD stored in?

"I am Legend" commercial DVD in USB DVD drive connected to the AppleTV via USB Hub. It spun up then crash to command-line.

My on-line ripped DVD server was accessible but it would not stick.

l.capriotti, is telnet or ssh available with this version. I'd like to pop in and look around at performance numbers.
@rayodin88: No ATI support - I don't have hardware to play with, and XBMC with ATI doesn't seem a win game...
@djdafreund: can you try on a different flash drive, pls
@pike: odd enough, I tried it myself on a low-end Intel card like yours. Must be something related to the new Xord Intel drivers.
@davilla: very peculiar language, indeed, but I don't have a clue. Re: ssh it is not available in the stock image, but you can ctrl-F2, get to tty2 and apt-get openssh-server.

Tks for the feedback.

so i am out of this dance, till someone with ati hardware gives you a hand or something. i only bought the card because i saw it at best buy for $40 and i knew it would be a great card for my hd t.v. to pull from. well thanks for the help, i might just have to switch my components out for something more linux friendly. by the way vhat did you mean about ati and xbmc not being a win? i can't see why it wouldn't be once you get past the work to make it function properly. thanks again for the info, and good luck with further advances.
I decided to get the amd 780g with onboard hdmi (ati Radeon HD 3200) and installed the driver and run Hardy Heron and have no problems. It has 3d acceleration and everything. I compiled the latest svn and love it.
great to read it, unfortunately I don't have an ATI card to create the needed drivers for LiveXBMC.
I think i might have another usb stick somewhere around, but i was previously til date booting 8.04 fine off my 4 Corsair, up until i tried this install, so i know it's not a limitation of being able to boot off the one i'm currently testing, because i'm been using it for 8.04 up til now. And used 7.04 before that. It's a 4gig i am using.
@l.capriotti, do you want feedback on boot/config issues regarding LiveXBMC? When I take a closer look I might have some suggestions.
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