Some basic newbie questions re: Mi Box & Kodi
I apologize if this has been asked and answered. I didn't know how to search for it.

I got tired of my WDTV Live never seeing my network shares and I'm a big Android guy so I decided to buy a Mi Box (on its way).
 In the meantime, for the heck of it, I put Kodi on my Windows PC and now that I've configured it to use PotPlayer for playback, I think I will use it all the time in the living room where my 1080p TV is directly connected to the pc.While I was at it I installed an Android Kodi remote app, Yatse, and I'm pretty good with using it as a front end to cast to my WDTV in the bedroom. That set up seems to work much better than telling the WDTV to use Plex or Kodi as a media server and letting the WDTV do the playback.
 So now I'm wondering if I even need the Mi Box at all. Is there a trade off at 1080p between the Mi Box doing the playback and the Oneplus 3T? I don't really need Netflix or the other bundled channels, although Prime Video would be nice. I really just needed to be able to watch my networked movies and shows in another room and it seems I've got that now.
 So apart from the Mi Box's potential advantages, my other issue is: I don't want to install Kodi on the Mi Box and have to configure the network shares all over again. Is there a way for Kodi on the Mi Box to just "plug in" to what is already set up on the PC?
Easy way - share the kodi library on the pc. Use VLC Player on the MiBox. The Kodi library will show up in VLC on the local network as Kodi (PCName) UPnP. Easy, but yucky solution imo.

Hard way - Create MySQL database on the pc running Kodi, intall Kodi on the MiBox and use advancedsettings.xml to connect to the database. This is what I do, but I have multiple devices and it was a PITA for me to get going.

Best way - install Kodi on the MiBox and create necessary network shares.

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Some basic newbie questions re: Mi Box & Kodi0
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