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Hello all,

I have struggled with the streaming of movies and tv shows for a long time (bad internet connection) so I decided to go back to downloading.  I would love to download music videos and play them through Kodi.  I have been able to do that but there is no info on the song/video like there is with Movies.  I have added the audiotdb addon but this doesnt fix the errors.  
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Kodi is capable of saving certain data to the video library for music video content.  For current Kodi release (17.6) you need to use file naming to get results via the tadb mv scraper, or create your own nfo files with the relevant information.  For Kodi 18 (currently in development), it will also be possible to extract metadata from mp4 and mkv containers to fill the library.

The attributes available for music video are listed in the musicvideo view table of the Database (wiki).  In addition, art can be linked, by default these are thumbnail, fanart, and poster but can be extended to other types.  Note that with default settings, Kodi will take a frame grab from the video to use as the thumbnail.  It does this in the background when you open the video library view window (will take some time if many new music video files have been added).

The info that gets displayed in Kodi is dependent on the skin in use, in addition music videos can be listed in either the music or video window views and depending on skin, could show different info.  The detailed info popup dialog is the same for each of these windows, however.

Kodi doesn't store any artist info (other than the artist(s) name) for music video, but if the artist also exists in the music library some artist info is available from there.

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Djr_fox, if you can create an NFO (xml) file next to your music video file Kodi will read that and scan very basic info (Artist, Album/concert, Track No. Year) which can be used to search, group and sort your music video files.

Music Media Helper (MMH) app for Windows (pinned in this forum) has a tool to auto create NFOs for all folders/files by simply reading the folder and music video file names. Scan your music video folder as a Kodi 'Music Video' source, and all the files will appear in Kodi's music video menus for playback.

You don't get any metadata apart from Artist, Album/concert, Track No, Year but you do get all your music videos into Kodi with very little effort.

MMH can also create a music video playlist (M3U) for every folder (album/concert) recursively and add that to Kod's playlist folder to playback any music video from various remote controls like Kore etc.
Using the TADB music video scraper should give you all the info you need. Just make sure the artist and album names are correct and match perfectly.
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