CoreAVC binary DLL codec under XBMC's DVDPlayer?

Have you thought about tackling this from the other direction? Start trying to convince the CoreAVC people to write and submit a patch that will allow XBMC to interface with their codec? They have a theoretical financial upside from supporting such a project, especially if XBMC starts picking up a big following outside the hacker community - which might just happen if we evangelize it in the right way.

Also, you may find that you that you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar. A positive financial upside is a very good reason for a company to do something. The flipside is that if you accuse the developers of a software product that you want to see changed of 'naked prejudice' and 'jealousy', you may find that they will be less likely to consider your suggestions.
@bmfrosty: Nicely written. From what I understand, they are planning an OS X version of at least some of their stuff, but I'm not sure what their timeframe is.
Jeroen Wrote:heh

And it will be back up soon, The CoreAVC people are working with the dev to restore it. Classic case of pull trigger before looking. See the CoreAVC forums for more info.
CorePlayer is already available for OSX, x264 with 10000kb/s video seems to be running alot smother on my iMac 2.4GHz, it stutters alot with VLC and get unsynced with the sound with XBMC OSX.

They don't have AC3 or subtitle support yet though.
hi i have MBP 2.2 GHz and osx86 3GHz and i dont have problem play 720p or 1080p material in XBMC
Hello, I am wondering if support of coreAVC for linux will be supported.

Since the project have been approved from CoreAVC codec.

I know that coreAVC is not free, but who isn't willing to pay 8$ to have 720p or 1080p playback without frames drop?
I followed the excellent progress by picard/betaboy/etc since it spawned on the pda, and couldn't have been less interested (for a few very silly, nonsensical reasons) since they started their commercial site.

I am not interested in running coreavc on linux or any pc platform. I would rather spend extra money on cpu horsepower now (assuming I needed it) and/or patiently waiting for the fantastic oss alternatives to 'catch up'.
Once it works in ffmpeg, it'll work in XBMC. Note-- not mplayer, ffmpeg.
seen this ?
(thx cptspiff for link)
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And this:
"CoreCodec apologizes for wrongful Google DMCA takedown"

Yeah that went away within a day. The corecodec guys realized they were walking into a beehive.
At the moment I'm led to believe that there's no other faster decoding solution available for h264 material.

I purchased it and I'm currently using it with Zoom Player, but seeing the fast progress on XBMC makes me wonder, as I used to be a loyal XBMC user.
Can you say "Epic Fail" ? Jeez, learn what you're battling before you charge
I was actually impressed by CoreAVC's handling of the situation. They clearly had an overzealous lawyer who got out of control, but the company backpeddled, apologized, and set up controls to prevent the mistake from happening again. That's a remarkably mature way of handling things; usually companies have a phobia of admitting they were wrong.

I'll cheerfully spend the $8 once it's supported by ffmpeg.
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