Solved How do you remove video sources from Kodi?!
I'm not sure if I'm dumb or if the interface is horribly unintuitive, but I can't find anywhere the option to remove video sources from Kodi.

I had a folder of movie files, I moved them to another server, and now I can't remove the old source as easily as I can add sources which seems very odd to me. I figured it should be as simple as going to the menu option but for some reason there just isn't one. Why doesn't "Manage Sources" within the settings have the ability to... manage sources?

Using google suggests setting the source to <none> but I can't finagle that option as well.

I read in other areas of the forum deleting an .xml file but that sounds kind of crazy especially since most people, like me, are using Kodi with a remote and not a keyboard & mouse.

Thank you in advance!
When you’re on the source you want to remove, long press your s left button or hit the C button. This brings up the context menu. Remove source is one of the options.
Videos > files > highlight the source you want to remove,

Then open the context menu (long press or whatever button you have assigned to the context menu, or c on keyboard or right click on mouse) and select remove source (or edit source of you just want to redirect where it points to).

Then afterwards do the library clean if you want to remove any orphaned entries.
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(2018-02-25, 10:39)DarrenHill Wrote: long press
... long press!!! I've been using Kodi for years and I never knew this was a thing! There's so many menus I figured all options would be within normally accessible menus, I had no idea there was also a context menu of sorts. Thank you, that's exactly what I needed!
Long press had been in since v14 or so.
You can also use the keyboard key C
or right click with a mouse or some specific key on a remote
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I'm actually having a very similar issue here. I just reinstalled Linuxmint and Kodi and for some reason all of my settings have been retained even though it was a clean install, which is really weird. Anyway, for some reason the video sources I set up no longer work and I can't remove them. "long-pressing" my left mouse button or right clicking or using the C key on my keyboard are not working and there is no way to remove these sources that no longer work. What am I missing?

You should find a hidden .kodi for in your user (~) folder. That contains all your user settings etc, and will maintain across installs unless removed.

In your scenario I would suggest you close Kodi and then either rename or delete that folder. When you restart Kodi it should be factory fresh without any of the old settings or sources.
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I still can’t delete mine. Frustrating.
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Just went through this today. Don't know what system your are using but mine was a NVIDIA Shield TV. Finally figured out that the Shield was pushing the shares to KODI. I had to remove my network shares from the Shield and then they disappeared from the File Manager in KODI. Good luck!

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