Are there any RF remotes with QWERTY keyboard that have a long battery life?
I have been using a Minix Remote ( control for Kodi and I am very frustrated with the battery life.  I tried using the Aerb remote ( and the battery life is also abysmal.  For each remote I'm getting about 1 months worth of charge.  

I did all the things I could think of to extend the battery life.  The support forums for these remotes suggest putting the gyroscopes into sleep mode, which I did, and a variety of other tweaks such as; disabling audio, making sure standby is enabled, etc. etc. (see suggestions here:  I did all this and I still get about 1 - 1 1/2 months worth of charge.

After all this I'm convinced that the problem is not any particular brand of Air Mouse remotes, most likely the problem is that these types of remotes have terrible battery life in general due to all the features they're trying to jam into them.  Couple that with the fact that these remotes use the wimpy AAA batteries (~750 mah) instead of AA (~1500-1800 mah) and you'll likely rip through batteries like crazy.  I saw some reviews where people thought that 3 months was a "great battery life" for these types of remotes.  In my opinon, a battery life of 3 months is terrible for a remote control.

As such, I was wondering if anyone had any suggests for a QWERTY remote with great battery life (hopefully at least a year) that is compatible with Kodi?  I switched back to my old Boxee remote, but I really miss the extra menu and back buttons.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!
I have 4 of these....

Come with their own battery and they last so long I can't honestly remember the last time I had to charge one.
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try a remote with lithium batteries in it.

I haven't recharged mine for 2 months straight

DoCooler H1 Fly Air Remote. look up the reviews on youtube.

Here is the aliexpress link :
I’m using an MX3 remote, which the air mouse can be switched off, as well as the backlight, but they still suck on the battery department.

Although I’m now looking at the Doo cooler H1 and as it’s a rechargeable unit, and a sensible price I too might upgrade!
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Are there any RF remotes with QWERTY keyboard that have a long battery life?0
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