[RELEASE] ITV Catchup (Video) Plugin

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Downs Offline
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Post: #286
well there you go then
I have vpn actually for US though
thanks for the response
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dlake02 Offline
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Post: #287
Actually, you DON'T need a VPN.

You DO need a proxy though, and I included the ability to set the proxy in the 1.0.5 release.

A lot of ISPs rate-limit VPNs to the point where they are unusable for streaming high-quality. Get a UK proxy and go that way.

It works fine for me !

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gravender Offline
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Post: #288
Really keen to get this working but it doesn't seem to be happening!

Using XBMC 11.0-RC1 on Ubuntu Oneiric on Acer Aspire Revo - can't get any rtmp addons working (Demand 5, ITVPlayer or 4OD - Iplayer works fine). The stream just doesn't open.

I have installed rtmpdump_2.4.

I am in the UK.

Log is here: http://pastebin.com/DJKQKufd

Any ideas?
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kreeturez Offline
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Post: #289
This plugin is gem; loving it! Thanks for another good reason to use XBMC!
+1 on the live streaming request - would love to see this supported as well!

(2012-02-26 16:03)castalla Wrote:  
bladeds Wrote:why would you be able to access live streaming from itv player, itv have never offered this?

Wrong - there are live streams at http://www.itv.com/itv1/

I guess the OP would like the live streams incorporated into the player.
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Chizbang Offline
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Post: #290
It works great for me except loading directories is really really slow.
Any ideas?
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Phil999 Offline
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Post: #291
I have a very strange problem... It looks like the plugin is timing out when trying to list any programs with more than 10 episodes.

Anything below 10 works perfectly and displays and then plays but things with more fail bring up the lists anyway i can increase the timeout?
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