External library for Tinymediamanager on NAS?
is it possible to put the tiny media manger library on a NAS? I Have  several desktop machines with different OS (Mac an Linux) who should use the one (and only) Database on the NAS.
Perhaps with a command line option? 

well, the builds for the OS are different (you can hardly use the linux build in mac os) and the mount points of the NAS ressources are different too...
so it is theoretically possible, but I doubt it would be useable Wink
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The idea are: Start tinymediamanager with a Comandlineoption to show where the library are. So an each OS you kann configure the correct mount point. This has some advances: for Example You can scrap the movies with the System which is the most powerfully to do this work. But also the „weak“ systems can only show the results in the library an you can search with this „weak“ systems in the library.... Wink

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External library for Tinymediamanager on NAS?00