How is the correct way to use Replay Gain
Can someone show me the correct way to use Replay Gain?

Because I have a lot of music files with different volume levels, and, when I use Foobar 2000 to input the Replay Gain tags, my music files have equal volume in all music, bur a low volume compared to my video files (or stream files like spotify, netflix and youtbe).

This way I still have to low volume to watch some movie, or listem some music on Spotify, and raise the volume to listem my music files.

What I look is some normalization between my movies, streams and musics (I know that the 100% acurate volume is impossible, but if I can get some similar volume, i'm satisfied)

I believe that I doing some wrong, some configuration is missing, or in how i'm apply the Replay Gain on music, or in Kodi configuration. 

Thanks in Advice.
Kodi uses 4 replaygain values:  track gain, album gain, track peak, album peak.  All are optional (though at least one of track or album gain is needed).

The tag must be formatted as eg. REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN

I'm not 100% on the allowed data, but is should work as + or - n.nnnn dB for the gains.

The assumption is that the gain value is to reproduce at 89 dB.  The can be changed in the music player settings.

You turn on gain control in the music player settings.  Track gain uses that if available.  Album gain uses that if available then falls back to track gain.

You can also enable peak control.  If the peak values are available, they will reduce the output from 89 dB by the value of the peak.

You can turn on debug level logging in settings, and it will log the replaygain found and applied during playback of music to the kodi.log file.  It will also show you during a scan of new music files if the replaygain tag was ignored (if it doesn't log it assume it was accepted).

scott s.
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Thanks @scott967 .

But I still don´t understand how I must proceed to make my music plays always on same volume.

An exemple is: I have a Fire Inc. artist. And his two songs has a too low volume compared to Trail of Tears artist (this one has a nice volume level).
I Just Want to put my Fire Inc. songs (and others) in the same level of my Trail Of Tears songs. I don´t know how much is the db level of Trail of Tears, but is cleared that is more than Fire Inc.

I´ve try to put both option in music setting (files without information of replay gain level and files with information replay gain level) in 100db, but the level stills different.

Thanks for your help anyway.

Edit: I did it! 
I was using wrong option in foobar2000. 
This time I select ALL my songs, and use the option "Scan Selection as Albuns (by tags)".
As I don´t have so much songs (it´s about 3k) they took 15 minutes to scan all songs and 10 minutes to update tags
Now in kodi all songs have the same volume. And the option "files with information replay gain level" is 89db.

Thanks to all!
As long as you really did have your albums tagged properly, the result will be correct. Otherwise all your songs are considered to be part of one big album now.

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How is the correct way to use Replay Gain0
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