v17 Moods in Smart Playlists
I'm looking at the wiki for Smart Playlists and which fields are used, and I noticed that Moods are only used for albums, not songs.


Kodi lets me build a smart playlist with "Moods contains XYZ" but it comes up empty. Am I just plum out of luck? Have I tagged dozens of songs with a particular mood in vain?
That wiki page is wrong as Moods for Songs was implemented in Kodi v15 see https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=211520
Great news! So, why doesn't it work?

I have 49 files so far with a specific Mood tag called BGM, set using MediaMonkey, which is saving them as MOOD tags for Vorbis, etc. I blew out and re-scanned my entire music library in Kodi and a Smart Playlist whose only criteria is "Moods contains BGM" comes up with zero tracks. I blew out and re-scanned my library again after telling Kodi to use only local data, same result.
Don't know what your problem is @GreyDuck, generally this feature works, so more info needed.
What version of Kodi are you using?
Can you post the contents of the smart playlist xml file, found in the userdata/playlists/music folder?
Can you show the tags for one of these files, say usoing a screen shot of Mp3Tag extended tag view window?

Next would be to create a debug log while scanning a new or updated music file with mood tags into the library. No need to drop the lot, just change a music file by say adding a comment tag, and then update library. But turn debug on first!

Or finally to share your MyMusic60.db with us - PM me a link, or post a link here then immediately edit to remove (team members can see the old post). But answer the first things first, I'm sure it will be something simple.

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