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I have done a new clean install of 1.4.8-alpha 23.3. I tired bothe the x86 and the x64. After configuring the path to my movies and various other settings, Ember constantly gets stuck just displaying "Performing Preliminary Tasks (Gathering Data)..."

I have entered the path to my movies as as samba share "\\tower\Movies". This had been working previously.

The log doesn't show any relevant error.

I changed my path to a mapped network drive and the issues remains. While Ember is "stuck", I can also not navigate to the host server at all. Just trying to navigate in Windows Explorer to \\tower, Explorer also gets stuck. My Network works fine otherwise. I have no issues unless I  start EMM and try to update the library.
Try this version and see if it helps
It appears it may be an issue with my unRaid server. I started noticing other issues today. After restarting the server in safe mode, Ember has no problems scanning the files.

I did load up Ember Media Manager BETA 1.4.90-alpha.git.6296c37 prior to restarting my server in safe mode. It also had issues scanning. I think I have narrowed this down to my server and not EMM.
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