Very Unstable
Hello all.  Until recently, I had been using EMM v. (x86) and it worked well.  Since it did what I needed it to do, without any problems, I didn't see the need to update.

Unfortunately, IMDB recently changed their page formatting and now the v. scraper no longer works.  DanCooper appears to have fixed the issue, so I've downloaded the latest build (Ember Media Manager BETA 1.4.90-alpha.git.6296c37.exe), but have found that it's extremely unstable.  From the consensus on this forum, it seems like the new versions work fine for most, so I'm very confused as to why I'm having such issues.  My log file can be found here:

Here are the main concerns I have so far:
  • It doesn't seem that I can simply install v.1.4.90 over v. and carry over my settings & database, due to the folder structure being different (e.g. v. has no "Profiles" folder).  So, I did a clean install, and tediously went through the settings to make sure they were equal.
  • Every time I launch v.1.4.90, it hangs at "Select Profile", and Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) immediately produces an error (  If I wait long enough, then sometimes EMM will actually load.  But it usually just crashes and closes.
  • If it does manage to load, and I try to scrape some marked movies, I get yet another error and crash (

Can anyone provide some advice on what I may be doing wrong, or how to make EMM usable for me?  Thank you for your help.
1. As you figured out, obviously you can't install over 1.4.7.  Too many things have changed.

2. Uninstall and reinstall ALL visual c++ and .net packages.  You're issue sounds more like a windows problem than an ember problem as nobody (that I've seen) is having this problem.
For visual c++ runtimes I recommend an all-in-one solution:
A. Download:
B. Uninstall ALL Visual c++ packages, then reboot.
C. Install previously downloaded file, reboot.

3. Try to track down what is causing this, is it names with special characters or something weird in the name?  I'm not sure, but I do believe others have posted about this so there may be some info in the main thread: 259449 (thread)

The program is in alpha/beta state, but it's VERY stable with zero crashes on 4 pcs that I personally use.
Thanks for the advice.  I followed your instructions – uninstalled/re-installed all the Visual C++ packages using the linked tool, and uninstalled/re-installed the newest version of .NET framework.

After doing that, v.1.4.90 was working much better, though I was still getting the "The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open" error on occasion.  I created an exception in my anti-virus for the EMM folder, and all seems well now.

I'll continue to do some testing, but hopefully that cleared up the issue.  Thanks again for your help.
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