v18 Rar Archive Support
(2018-03-09, 20:04)Snaah Wrote:
(2018-03-09, 12:04)jjd-uk Wrote: What version of Windows do you run?
 Windows 10 Pro 1709, 16299.251. 
You were talking Windows too?!?!
My comp is win 10. Phone Android 9. Kodi is on win 10
Recently, Kodi 18, with vfs:rar support works and doesn't crash. I didn't change anything notable except for some development libraries and windows updates. I'm a little confused that it is working but pleasantly suprised. I will try windows updates and a few other things on my other machine.
The only other thing I did was copy & paste my past 18 profiledata over the top of my working 17.6 profile. I dont get it.
VFS doesnt work for me, so i'm rolling back to a version that works. Sad that this newer verions of Kodi breaks the rar support.
Yes it has alot of problems. 17,6 worked perfect. Now dlna is broke, kodi crashes randomly.
@spiff, is there any possibility you could expose some customization flags/settings to us? VFS:RAR archive support works, but it is really hit and miss. It seems if a file is compressed with high compression, or the archives are significantly large, playback will fail or drop out after a short while. If our machine has the memory for it, can't we change how much to extract/read to memory?
I give up. Have to go back to 17,6. 18.x have been a nightmare with rar files. Constant crasching and cant read files etc. 18.6 is worse then 18.5.
I just posted this bug tonight: vfs rar addon latest build broken on windows

I confirmed that vfs.rar 2.2.0 is broken (for my Windows 8.1 pro, 64bit, USA English) installation with Kodi 18.6. I reverted back to 2.0.8 and it works just fine.

As others have mentioned here, you need to only have VFS.RAR enabled under the VFS plugins. Do not activate archive. If archive is activated, then disable it. I also went into my Kodi Settings and set it to NOT UPDATE my plugins so that 2.2.0 doesn't put itself back in there.
Broken on latest stable build on latest win 10. Tried each plugin and still didn't fix issue. Oh well.
Sorry if a solution has been posted but I'm getting crashes with both kodi-vfs-rar and kodi-vfs-libarchive.  kodi-vfs-rar instantly crashes and kodi-vfs-libarchive is stable for a little longer.

I've started fresh and still the same problem. I have scanned enabled at startup and that's when it crashes. Seems to work when you first install the add-on until you close/open kodi

edit: 18.5 / 2.0.8 soloution for now: 2937199 (post)
edit: Windows seems OK but android still crashes during scan.
I also have this problem, solution for now is 18.5 and 2.0.8 , in the logs on never version 18.6 / 2.2.0  i see it crashes on long paths and / or scanning subtitle archives on newer version,
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