Bug -  PNG image handling broken in Leia
@ronie @Rechi 

I suddently found the real issue. The bundled dependencies are outdated (at least for zlib).

- zlib.dll of Leia = Built date 21. Feb 2017
- But the zlib dependency on https://github.com/xbmc/kodi-deps is already 2 commits ahead (last one in September 2017)

I only can guess why this older zlib.dll is included in the dependencies mirros. 

I followed the instructions on GitHub and compiled zlib.dll with these 2 commits on my own. Result: working.

Download (for x32 and x64):

If you want to test it with my provided test images you have to remove the textures.db/thumbnails, because once it was correctly cached it will always work.
Great find.
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PNG image handling broken in Leia00