Bug -  PNG image handling broken in Leia
@ronie @Rechi 

I suddently found the real issue. The bundled dependencies are outdated (at least for zlib).

- zlib.dll of Leia = Built date 21. Feb 2017
- But the zlib dependency on https://github.com/xbmc/kodi-deps is already 2 commits ahead (last one in September 2017)

I only can guess why this older zlib.dll is included in the dependencies mirros. 

I followed the instructions on GitHub and compiled zlib.dll with these 2 commits on my own. Result: working.

Download (for x32 and x64):

If you want to test it with my provided test images you have to remove the textures.db/thumbnails, because once it was correctly cached it will always work.
Great find.


Sorry to be annoying, but the nightlies are still shipped with the faulty zlib.dll. Just want to be sure it's not going to be missed.

Stumbled over this thread and talked to him. Will be fixed soon.

You can also ping him on the ticket. Some devs get email notifications for comments on trac tickets. Just to let you know Wink
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