Win [How To] Add NFS server capabilities to Windows (free)
(2018-03-11, 00:59)host505 Wrote: Here's a way to add NFS service capabilities on win using the FOSS WinNFSd.
For some reason this did not work for me. I followed each step and ran the bat file as administrator, and still there is nothing visible on NFS when accessed via my two android devices... not on Kodi and not using ES File Explorer.
I also tried installing the windows NFS and again, no joy. I had no idea of what to do once I installed the service, so no big surprise there.

Anyone have any ideas what steps may be missing?
I did it like this

made a folder called    C:\winnfsd

then in  that folder I copied winnfsd.exe and made a batch file there:


WinNFSd D:\Movie2

then in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

I used the new shortcut wizard pointed it to go.bat and start minimize, it works
Hi all,

Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I had been using the method here to access my local media on my Windows 10 machine through Kodi on the XBox One for a couple months now with no problems. After my install automatically upgraded to 18.0 RC5, I lost all of my file paths, and I cannot for the life of me get this to work again. I am assuming since nothing changed on my computer, the nfs server should still be fine.

In Kodi, under add network location, protocol NFS, I enter my computer's IP address into the server address: 192.168.1.XXX
The under remote path I enter the folder location: Z:\Music

I get the following error message now, "Couldn't receive directory information, this may be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to connect anyway?"

I don't think there were any tricks last time, anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you!!! Big help. My Kodi player just stopped seeing my PC's SMB shares one day and I was going crazy. I was able to resurrect 2 folders via SMB but for some strange reason, 2 other drives refused to work even if they are on the same PC.
Is there a way to get plex on this to work.  Not sure of the address or path.
I am trying to set up an NFS connection for the first time, also using HaneWIN and this is the exact problem I am having.

My Bravia/Kodi hangs for a while looking for my shared folder after I put the address and folder in, then returns the message that it can't find it possibly due to network not being connected.

SMB just isn't cutting it for 4K stuff so I want to make the switch over. Do I need to disable all the SMB shares before it will allow NFS to connect to the same folders?
Sorry, that post of mine above should have included this quote:

(2019-01-12, 01:05)markerdf Wrote: I get the following error message now, "Couldn't receive directory information, this may be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to connect anyway?"

I don't think there were any tricks last time, anyone have any suggestions?

(It's not possible to edit posts?)
Hey all
I try to add my multiple drive J:\  K: \  R: \  but thats not work I can not play my files I see the drive on kodi/nfs but nor files inside
Thats work for multiple directory like C:/videos C:/mp4 etc but not for multiples disks
Is there a way to work multiples disk drive ?
I use winnfsd 2.40 on windows 10 workstation networked with my android box/kodi nfs
W10WS have nfs service but thats seem to be very hard to configure this one...
Thanks for help
first of all, i'm a new user in this forum & thanks for the solutions
it has been quite sometimes that I use this as my method to share movies with kodi
and usually i just read this forum and never post any comments
but now i'm facing a weird situation, last time winnfsd.exe had worked fine for almost 2months
but now i can't even start it. anyone having this issue also? 

btw, I'm using windows 10 pro version 1809 (17763.288)
I tried WinNFSd and got it to work. But the problem with the missing special characters was not acceptable for me. Therefore I gave haneWIN NFS Server a try and had problems setting it up. But finally I found a working configuration and I want to share it here:

  • Windows 10 Pro x64 with a NTFS+MBR filesystem.
  • HaneWin NFS Server v1.2.42 (as service installer)
  • I use the Windows Firewall and granted the full inbound and outbound access of the two haneWin NFS processes: nfsd.exe and pmapd.exe (4 firewall rules)

  1. Install HaneWIN NFS Server
  2. Start nfsctl.exe (GUI for settings) with admin rights and register the software (or use it 30 days as shareware)
  3. Edit -> Preferences
  4. I changed two settings of the HaneWIN NFS Server in order to get it to work (see screenshots below):
    • NFS-Tab: Check "Reset inode-table on restart of server"
    • Server-Tab: Uncheck "Use file ID as inode on NTFS volumes"
  5. Export-Tab: "Edit exports file" and insert your shares (see screenshot below)
  6. Save and Apply the settings and exit the GUI
  7. Restart Windows 10
That's it!

Then I followed "host505"s tutorial to add the NFS-Server to the KODI NFS sources:
Quote:- Optional, add your windows pc's ip on (client) Kodi's file manager as an NFS source: Settiings/File Manager/Add source/Browse/Add network location/Protocol: NFS, Server address: IP of win pc/OK/give-a-name/OK.



Somebody needs to build a simpler FOSS NFS server for Windows. WinNFSd is not very stable or user-friendly.

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