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Trying to get PSX rooms to play, but I am having trouble installing Beetle PSX. It keeps telling me a dependency (game.controller.ps.konami.justifier.ps)
Is unavailable. If I go into controllers I can see the controller it wants, and it is the only one of the group not auto installed. I assume there is a typo somewhere, but I can't figure out how to correctly point the add on installer to the correct controller. (Or tell it I don't care about the gun, I'll never use it)

I typically am able to fumble around the forums and web at large to fond work arounds, but my Google Fu is saddly letting me down this time.

I've tried hard and soft reset to start over but same problem.
Using libreelec x86 Milhouse 303 from March 9th

I am getting no error so I don't think a log will help (happy to be wrong about that I am sure I can figure out that process if need be)
Thank you for your time any one who responds.

If there is a reference out that I've failed to find it is ignorance not lazyness that has me asking, and please point me in the right direction.
(Just started using Kodi a few months ago so any problem I ran into in Krypton had been well flushed out and easy to find answers for long before I ran into a problem. Fumbling my way through Leia in honest attempt to learn.)
your not alone I cant get PSX to work either on Libreelec the screen just blacks out and nothing happens.
RPi2 LE v8.0 (+ HDHomeRun ATSC tuner, Tvh, Comskip, zap2epg)

A95X LE v8.2 (kszaq)
That was originally happening to me while I was using rearmed. I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to be using that one unless I had an arm system (I think)
Got passed that when I realised I had to supply a bios.
Figured that out about the same time as I realized the controller problem and moved on for a while.
so, what exactly do i have to do, to get around the "game.controller.ps.konami.justifier.ps" error?

i'm waiting for an answer?

where do i get "game.controller.ps.konami.justifier.ps"?
Beetle PSX has listed the wrong id as dependency, correct would be game.controller.konami.justifier.ps.
Should be fixed here: https://github.com/kodi-game/game.libret...sx/pull/10
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