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Hi clever people.

I am now feeling exceptionally defeated, I have a new 4k tv with HDR support and am streaming with a Odroid C2 and a MiniX U2. I am running the newest LE build on both devices and am getting a washed out color when viewing any 4k content I have put on my PC. (PC is serving the content to Kodi)

I tried plugging the PC directly into the the TV and played a few different movies via VLC player. This worked quite well with colour representation but the moment I tried Kodi it washes out the colours. (Kodi via windows PC does the same.

I had a MiniX U9 briefly, it, I am positive was working correctly with colours looking as they should but the unit decided to pack up on day two so I needed to send it back.

What I find strange is that the U2 and C2 should at the very least display the colours as intended as all components through the system are HDMI 2.0 with new HDMI cables as well. (Tried swapping cables as well to try and eliminate as many probable causes as possible.

When looking at the same move in normal HD res (1920x1080p) the colours are amazing and image quality is as you would expect on a high end TV but the same cannot be said for the 4k variants playing over the exact same system and setups.

I played a few YouTube 4k clips ( I realise these are quite compressed, but for the sake of thoroughness) and they all played perfectly with the TV showing 4k resolution.

As I said I am feeling defeated and would really appreciate any help.

I do apologize if this has been covered. I tried searching for quite a few days now and all the things I can find don't really relate to my problem or are way past my skill set in helping me resolve this.
I bought a 4K TV (Panasonic) several weeks ago .... kinda experienced the same thing (Amlogic S905X running LibreELEC), except the picture was way too bright when playing 4K content. (i guess you could call that 'colors washed out')

Problem was solved by enabling the TV's HDR Setting to "On"
@Rossc101  If you are playing HDR material, you need to be aware that the C2 (s905 processor) cannot handle HDR video, and it will appear washed out.

@SeVreN2013  s905X will handle HDR if set up correctly, but there may be a setup problem with your machine or TV.

In both cases, it is hard to know for sure without more info on what you are playing, and what your setup is.
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(2018-03-14, 09:43)nickr Wrote: @SeVreN2013  s905X will handle HDR if set up correctly, but there may be a setup problem with your machine or TV.
Yes, the S905X does handle HDR correctly ... as long as the TV is set to use HDR

My Panasonic 4K TV has a HDR 'On' and 'Off' Setting ... there is no 'Auto' Setting to detect incoming HDR signal from an external device.

The S905X displays fine with TV HDR Setting 'On' which is what i was explaining to the OP ... that if his/her TV has a Manual HDR 'On/Off' Setting, then setting it to 'On' will resolve the issue.

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