Getting TVH to work with Digibit R1 and Unicable.

I have been using a Digibit R1 with a single feed from a quad LNB, without any issues, for a while now.

However, I have just switched the LNB for an Inverto Unicable one and I cannot stream more than one channel - it keeps saying:

Subscription 0016: No input source available for input. ""

I am running the R1 with the stock firmware.

All I did was swap the LNB, changed the mode from quad to Unicable (on the R1 itself) and then activated the additional three tuners in TVH.  All other settings have been left as default.

I am sure that I am missing something simple, but cannot work out whether it is a setting on the R1 or TVH that needs to be changed (or both).

Any help would be much appreciated.
Solved - needed to upgrade the R1's user bands with that of the new LNB - happy days!
(2018-03-13, 20:27)elsmandino Wrote: Solved - needed to upgrade the R1's user bands with that of the new LNB - happy days!

Could you expand on what you did? I've just had a new dish with a unicable LNB installed and now have no feeds at all. I'm trying to work out where the problem(s) lie!
Hi there - I also have a question...

I have a Wideband LNB (installed for Sky Q) and have ordered a Dur Line DPC32K Unicable II converter with passthrough that should let me create a Unicable I or II feed from my Wideband LNB, and then pass it through to my Sky Q.  I then plan to use my Telestar DigiBit R1 to use 4 of the Unicable bands to let me record Free-to-Air stuff in TV Headend.

It looks as if the Dur Line switch, as-delivered, is configured for Wideband (not Quattro) LNB(s) but has PIN protection for each user band.

1. Does the Telestar standard firmware include PIN support (I can't see a pulldown box to set the PIN)
2. Does the perexg sat-axe firmware running minisatip8 support PINs (it looks like it should in the minisatip docs - but the sat-axe firmware doesn't talk about it)

Hope someone can advise...

(The reason for this is that with the legacy output to use with an old Technisat USB tuner, I will be able to simultaneously tune/record 5 transponders - which should be enough to run an archive system to record BBC One HD, BBC Two HD (Same transponder), ITV HD, C4 HD, C5 HD and BBC Four HD (5 transponders in total?) (My plan is to record all of the channels continuously to keep a rolling 7 day or 14 day archive - though this may hammer a hard drive, and assuming the Telestar can cope...)
Update - no problems with PINs at all - didn't need to enter them on either my Telestar Digibit R1 or a satellite receiver.  

HOWEVER - beware that Sky Q Wideband LNBs have a 10.41GHz local oscillator, whereas most other wideband LNBs use 10.40GHz.  The DPC32K configured for wideband LNBs is configured for 10.40GHz local oscillators - so when you use the legacy output OR Unicable I/II outputs you need to edit your Hi and Lo (as they are still based around legacy universal LNBs) local oscillator settings to counteract this.  Once I realised this I have so far had no problems.  Am splitting the single Unicable II LNB output between the Telestar and a standalone Enigma receiver I can use as a streaming source for TV Headend too.

*** EDIT - update. Durline have responded to my email and confirmed that it is possible to reprogram the DPC32K local oscillator offset in the switch using an Inverto SatPal (which seems to now be used by a number of manufacturers as their chosen Unicable II programming solution rather than the older USB solutions).  Will report back. ***

*** EDIT 2 - I can confirm there is a simple Local Oscillator setting in the SatPal interface for the DPC32K that lets you change it from 10.40 to 10.41GHz so it works normally with a Sky Q wideband LNB - removing the need to tweak tuner Hi/Lo local oscillator settings in receivers ***

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Getting TVH to work with Digibit R1 and Unicable.0
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