How to contact a mod?
How can one contact a moderator to address user account issues? I am not able to PM anyone in the community. Sorry for posting a thread here but I have searched in vain for a better venue to surface this issue.
only people with a certain post count are allowed to PM. This limitation had been added, because spam bots where flooding users inboxes and we usually detect a spam account before the now defined post treshold (I think it's 10 posts). But please don't do spam posts now just in order to reach that limit, because we also don't tolerate that. If you want something like your nickname changed or other stuff, you can also just ask it over at the "website and forum issues and support" forum section ( )
How embarrassing. The proper forum was right under my nose and somehow I missed it. Thanks for the explanation.
I'll move this thread there, but just let us know what the problem is and we can look at fixing it.

But if it's the PM issue as noted you don't have quite enough posts yet for those to be active.
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Ten posts and still cannot reply to PM in my inbox...
There is more to it than just post count.
Good to go. Thank you kindly!
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