Please Help - New to This
i am very new to streaming so please forgive my ignorance on this topic.

I have an Amazon FireTvStick and want to modify it for Kodi, Add-Ons and VPN
I found plenty of videos how to install Kodi and the add-ons and how to register with a VPN service.
But this is where I am confused.  Am I supposed to install VPN to the firestick like I did with Kodi and the Add-Ons?
If so, will the VPN load on its own when I do a search for movies to watch?

Note, I have AT&T Uverse/Broadband with WiFi.  All of my PC's connect to the internet using the AT&T broadband via wireless connections (WiFi)
Am I better to install the VPN differently because of this?
All I want to accomplish is to be able to search for movies using my firestick, while utilizing a VPN. I am hoping there is a way of doing this without it getting too complicated.
Any assistance greatly appreciated
Kodi does not need any VPN for its intended legitimate usage case, and we do not support them here.

I would expect most of your referenced videos would violate our piracy policy (wiki) making them doubly unsupported here.

Thread moved to off topic.
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