v16 QUARTZ - Jarvis
Hat tip to the creator of this skin: pecinko.

Quartz is easily my favorite skin. I've been maintaining it for personal use since Helix.

Time to share this labor of love with the Kodi community...

New or Notable in this Edition:
  • configurable fanart transparency – 10 levels
  • live TV support
  • legacy animated Media Info 2 restored
  • hide watched progress indicators option – fixed
  • custom backgrounds for the home screen
  • default theme changed to classic blue/black
  • legacy badge scrolling for movie view restored
  • other fixes and QoL changes too numerous to list or remember

Download Here:

Please to enjoy!
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Change Log

  • added background video support
  • new skin setting to disable BG video - category: Player

  • reskinned video bookmarks

  • new skin theme - Angular

  • shortened animation time for Media info 2 view

  • added dynamic sort letter badge for scrolling in movie/music views - on demand page control (right arrow) is unaffected by this change

  • improved DialogVideoInfo with respect to actors/roles and default thumbs
  • improved TCM wrapper

  • added TCM utility to skin archive and advanced settings - see comment above

  • OSD transparency setting applies to seekbar now as well
  • quartzified bottom menu bar and button textures for artist/album/song info dialogs

  • new skin setting to play music fullscreen
  • fullscreen music player now defaults to showing fanart
  • new skin setting to hide fanart in fullscreen music player

  • added a couple more notches to menu transparency settings and made the defaults less aggressive
  • transparency settings now apply to side-blade menus as well
  • added event log viewer for realz this time

  • complete overhaul of Q5CE menus - see comment above for details
  • added skin for CU LRC Lyrics

  • music OSD gets new control textures
  • fixed long-standing bug that could freeze KODI/Quartz if playback is stopped while lyrics are showing in music player

  • skin archive now contains packed textures for improved render performance
  • cosmetic changes

  • video bookmarks feature restored
  • added video info to options OSD menu
  • fixed conditional visibility issues across OSD components

  • fixed display issue with DialogSlider - keyboard shortcut 'a'
  • added new skin colors
  • added custom home background art feature - experimental
  • event log viewer fixes

  • skin settings gets a new look, additional options and categories with which to organize them
  • PVR search gets a much needed update

  • complete overhaul of the music playlist editor
  • cosmetic changes to smart playlist editor

  • improvements to weather
  • DialogPVRChannelsOSD altered for visual continuity

  • removed Last FM button from music info views
  • propagated configurable fanart transparency to all views
  • cosmetic change to numeric keypad

Skin archive now includes Milhouse's superb Texture Cache Maintenance utility. The tool can be launched from a new settings option:

Settings>Skin>Advanced>Cache library art

The purpose of this implementation is to cache recently scraped artwork for improved render performance; just as if you went through the tedious process of browsing each texture manually. TCM can do much more, of course. Check it out if you haven't already.

Today's update brings significant change to menus. The mashup of opaque, transparent and drop shadow menus is gone. Backed by a single new texture, context menus, options menus and pop-up controls are now consistent in appearance and window placement. Last but not least, menu transparency is user configurable via a pair of new skin settings.

Settings>Skin>Views>Menu transparency (Off, Low, MediumLow, Medium, MediumHigh, High, default=MediumLow)

Settings>Skin>Views>OSD menu transparency (Off, Low, MediumLow, Medium, MediumHigh, High, default=MediumHigh)

Transparency parameters are located in the skin color files for folks wanting to tinker.


<color name="MenuOff">ffffffff</color>
<color name="MenuLow">e0e0e0e0</color>
<color name="MenuMedLow">d0d0d0d0</color>
<color name="MenuMed">c0c0c0Cc</color>
<color name="MenuMedHigh">b0b0b0b0</color>
<color name="MenuHigh">a0a0a0a0</color>
<color name="OSDOff">ffffffff</color>
<color name="OSDLow">c0c0c0c0</color>
<color name="OSDMedLow">b0b0b0b0</color>
<color name="OSDMed">a0a0a0a0</color>
<color name="OSDMedHigh">90909090</color>
<color name="OSDHigh">80808080</color>

Quick note about today's update. You'll want to enable 'Settings>Videos>File lists>Extract chapter thumbnails' for the best experience with video bookmarks.

There are no further enhancements planned for the Jarvis version of Quartz. I will entertain requests to back-port specific features and absolutely jump all over any reported bugs. Otherwise, it has become too burdensome to keep three versions of the skin in sync.
FYI, I will be back-porting select features in the coming days so keep an eye on the change log for that. This effort is by no means an attempt to reach feature parity with Quartz/Leia. Just a few quick hitters before once again retiring Jarvis to bug/fix only status.

Edit: Quartz/Jarvis is no longer supported. Repo will remain available for use on an as-is basis.

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