Xbox one x - copy to external hdd
I am trying to copy files from local state to attached external hard drive and I am getting an error:
"Failed to copy at least one file. Check the log for more information about this message. Operation was aborted"
I am trying to give you log file but I can't copy it to Nfs or extrnal hdd and can't upload it...

The log errors:
ERROR:Xfile : cdirectory:: create - Error creating win-lib:/D/.

WARNING: XFILE:: CdirectoryFactory::create - unsupported protocol (win-lib) in win-lib://D/.

ERROR: XFILE:: Cdirectory::Create - error creating win-lib://removable/D.

ERROR: XFILE:: Cdirectory:: create -unhanded exception.

Sorry about the log lines above, believe me it will be easier to send log files if I could...

Maybe it's something with permissions?

What type of files are these? non-media type files cannot be read from an USB attached drive, so perhaps a similar restriction also applies when writing.
I tried to copy all addons && userdata folders to attached external hard drive in order to backup my data(currently, correct me if I wrong, this is the only way possible to do a backup).
It also failed when I tried to copy the same content to Nfs.

If you have any other idea how to do a backup, it will be great.
It should work via NFS.
But it doesn't... Same errors.

I am curious, did you guys ever thought about creating simple add on for Xbox that backup/restore? It will be very helpful. I have all my ftp,Nfs settings, all UI settings ,addons that already configed (like trakt, etc), already configed profiles and so on.
Backup is a must addon in Xbox.

I think file transfer should work for external HDD and Nfs.
I hope that you guys will test it at your end and fix it asap.

Many thanks.
(2018-03-21, 19:53)yanivk Wrote: I think file transfer should work for external HDD and Nfs.
You are wrong it's no possible to copy to an external HDD any type of file. UWP (i.e. Operation System) restricts read/write any file type except types which an app has in association. 

You may to wait SMB2 implementation. I'm sure it will be there soon.
Ok, I will wait.


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