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I'm using t3ch's build 12881. After playing audio flawlessly for 5-7 mins XBMC freezes and tells me msvcp71.dll is missing and that I need to reinstall the app in order to fix the error.

I have tried copying the file to the usual places (xbmc folder, xbmc system folder, system32 to name but a few) to get it to work to no avail.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.
I have noticed I can recreate the error by playing music then using the right mouse button to exit back to the home page.
Never had this issue so please describe exactly what you did and post a full log to pastebin.
We use our own msvcp emulation which on windows is forwarded to the real dll.
The message about the missing dll is often in the log file but I notice no real side effect due to this message.
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Thanks for the exceptionally fast reply. I was unable to load my log file onto pastebin as it kept timing out.

I did have a look at the log and the problem was not loading this dll but the milkdrop.vis. For each time I hit ok on the dialogue box XBMC had tried loading the milkdrop.vis and failed. As I hadn't been playing about with this I thought I'd start again.

I tried a fresh install using the XBMCSetup-Rev12882.exe on SF after placing a copy of the .dll in my sys32 and restarting the pc. On doing this I have not been able to recreate the problem despite trying for some time. Audio playback seems to be perfect on my system. I never thought I'd find something I like better than foobar!

Now I just need to play with the video settings to find out what are best for my hardware configuration. Even with the teething problems at this early stage I'd much rather use XBMC than any other program. It's hard to find something that does exactly what you want and has developers who care about what the end user wants.

Thanks for the help

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