mp4 file stop display subs after few seconds
Dear all, 
I just registered to the forum, so please forgive me if I am asking something stupid.
I checked a lot of threads but I can't find my specific issue.
I have a cubox-i4-pro and it works perfectly fine, but recently I have noticed that specifically mp4 files stop display subs after few seconds.
Mkv as well as avi files don't have any issue.
Since the rest works, I don't understand what should be wrong.
As always, I use opensubtitle addon to look for subs. I download them automatically, they start displaying but then "puff" after few seconds they disappear.
Turning on/off the service doesn't change anything. Download new ones cause them to be display again but only for 5 second, at the end they continue to disappear.
I checked two different Kodi version, 16 and 17, same result.

Please let me know if there's a quick solution.  

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mp4 file stop display subs after few seconds00