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Newbie Xbox360 artist looking for advice
Hi everyone,

I will be beginning a XBLA project and am working as the lead artist. My job now is to figure out what kind of hardware me and the other artists will be needing as far as screens and televisions go. Unfortunately the whole team consists of Xbox newbies, so no-one can really say. So far the plan is to buy wide screen monitors with a good b/w balance, but other than that - we are clueless.

What I need, is to find other artists who work on Xbox projects. The best thing was if I were to find a community/forum/ somewhere on the net where such artists hang out. I'm sure such things have been discussed many times on such forums.

Sorry for posting on a forum meant specifically for XBMC people, but I was hoping you could point me in the right direction in the way of good links etc.

Well, the 360 which I presume you'll be working on may well work completely differently to the normal xbox which is what we have experience with.

Microsoft has an app for the xbox developers that allows a gamma ramp similar to that on a normal TV to be set.

With HD sets becoming the norm, though, I think you can probably just find out the gamma that most sets normally use and set that for use with a decent widescreen monitor.

You'll get better answers elsewhere basically.
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Newbie Xbox360 artist looking for advice00