Simply done - NFS Share on Windows
This is a simple way of sharing your media on a Windows computer using NFS.
I have this running on my Windows 10 computer for a few weeks, should work on any Windows version.
There are too many posts about this and people not understanding how this is done, here is a simple way of doing it.
You need two applications that are a single file each, nssm.exe and WinNFSd.exe.

NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager, download here:
WinNFS, download here:
Create a folder on your windows machine C:\PortableApps\WinNFSd and place both files in that folder.

Open a command prompt as administrator and paste something like this:
C:\PortableApps\WinNFSd\nssm.exe install Media-NFS C:\PortableApps\WinNFSd\WinNFSd.exe E:\Media /media
This creates a windows service named Media-NFS that shares the folder E:\Media as NFS and sharename is media.
Start the service and in Kodi on your Xbox point to it like you would any other NFS share.

If you place the files in another folder you need to replace the path to each file, if you have spaces in your path you need to add "" around the path like this:
"C:\My cool PortableApps\WinNFSd\nssm.exe" install Media-NFS "C:\My cool PortableApps\WinNFSd\WinNFSd.exe" "E:\My cool Media" /media

If you want to share multiple folders using NFS you will need multiple services, one for each folder share, like this:
C:\PortableApps\WinNFSd\nssm.exe install OtherMedia-NFS C:\PortableApps\WinNFSd\WinNFSd.exe E:\OtherMedia /othermedia

I hope this helps.

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