Bug MyMusicPlaylistEditor
As of Krypton, the context menu from the songs pane (list id=100) is not available. The upshot is that there is no way to reorder tracks using a remote.
Ticket opened in trac.

Edit: Would someone kindly move this to the dev forum?
Confirmed there is no context menu in the Music Playlist Editor window on both Estuary and Confluence so would seem to be a core code issue, mostly likely due to the Context Menu refactor.

Another one for you list perhaps @DaveBlake
This is what it looks like in Jarvis 16.1

(2018-05-11, 00:04)nonJon Wrote: Edit: Would someone kindly move this to the dev forum?
Anything music library related is best here - this subforum covers both user support and music library fixes and new feature design.

I'll add it to my list, but as a 2 year old regression that no one reported before it isn't my highest priority (and I doubt anyone else will take interest, although they are welcome to). I don't use playlists at all personally either, which makes it all harder.
Thanks guys. Just happy to have the issue acknowledged. Here's the ticket, btw.
I assume you’ve got a remote with limited buttons? if so what remote exactly, maybe we can come up with a keymap solution so you don’t require the context menu in this case. Another solution would be to use ine of the Android/iOS apps available that can remote control Kodi.
Very gracious of you to offer but the truth is I don't use this functionality either. I stumbled upon this in test and felt reporting it was the responsible thing to do. Wink
Bump. Issue opened on GitHub. Hopefully this won't slip thru the cracks of another release.
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